Bain Capital

The Real Aim Behind Newt’s Bain-Bashing Video?
January 09, 2012

I’m reluctant to call the 28-minute video attacking Romney’s Bain years, which the Gingrich super PAC plans to air in South Carolina, a full-on swift-boating. The video takes what was an ambiguous situation—Romney’s activities clearly cost jobs even if they benefited the economy, as Jon Chait points out—and gives it a very stark, one-sided portrayal.

Cut Romney (A Little) Slack
January 09, 2012

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerMitt Romney didn’t help his case when he said, in a speech this morning, that “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.” Already critics, including some of his Republican rivals, are linking the quote to his work at Bain Capital, an investment firm that made hefty profits by acquiring and then downsizing companies. “It’s clear … he likes firing people,” Jon Huntsman quipped. “I like creating jobs.” Great line, but let’s cut Romney a little slack here.

Mitt on Hedge-Fund Loophole: Heck, Yeah
December 23, 2011

Many reported today on Mitt Romney's refusal to release his tax returns, but the Boston Globe went a step further and zeroed in on Romney's strong hint that he is, in fact, taking advantage of the loophole on "carried interest," which allows his income from Bain Capital to be taxed at only 15 percent rather than the 35 percent rate for ordinary income. This is significant.

No Bain, Much Gain
December 19, 2011

Plenty of news on the front pages today, from Kim Jong Il to the payroll tax fiasco, but it would be a pity if that deprived due attention from the impressive work done by the New York Times on sussing out the truth about Willard M. Romney's lucrative arrangement with Bain Capital.

Temperamental Journey
November 23, 2011

It was an odd and unexpected moment when, on October 18 at the CNN debate in Las Vegas, the normally even-keeled Mitt Romney suddenly lost his cool. Challenged by Rick Perry about once having employed illegal immigrants as lawn workers, Romney initially answered with a chuckle and strained smile; but, when Perry kept interrupting his attempt at a reply, Romney’s temperature shot skyward. “Anderson?” he called to the moderator, and, when no help arrived, he turned on Perry, his voice rising to a shout and his eyes flashing with anger. “Would you please wait?” he barked at Perry.

How Mitt Romney Outlived His Greatest Weakness
August 12, 2011

With enough political reporters in Iowa to cover both the Lindbergh kidnapping and the O.J. Simpson trial, Thursday night’s GOP debate had to be a defining moment, a game-changer so epic that it will shimmer in memory like Ronald Reagan. Yeah, sure.  Even though Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann provided the expected fireworks, while Jon Huntsman made his muted entrance from stage center, the two-hour Fox News face-off mostly served as a reminder that we have only just begun. This was not a debate that triggered mass conversions to a single candidate.

Republican Infighting: The Candidates Compete to Trade the Most Amusing Insults
June 10, 2011

The GOP nominating process has barely begun, but with an unfocused field and a long hill to climb, the barbs are already flying. As the presumptive frontrunner, Mitt Romney has taken most of the heat. But Palin—not even a nominee yet—has dodged her share of insults as well. TNR brings you some amusing excerpts from the expanding array of political playground fights. Everybody beats up Romney. The frontrunner’s biggest political liability isn’t his religion: That’s old news.

A Graphical Representation Of Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy
July 02, 2009

By all accounts Mitt Romney's 2012 bid for the presidency is moving full speed ahead. Last month, he gave a major address in which he laid out his view of international politics--and boy was it convoluted.

Mitt Romney Explains The World
July 01, 2009

By all accounts Mitt Romney's 2012 bid for the presidency is moving full speed ahead. Last month, he gave a major address in which he laid out his view of international politics--and boy was it convoluted. Channeling the business jargon common at places like Bain Capital, the management consulting firm he founded, Romney tried to break down world politics as if he were giving a PowerPoint strategy presentation to a corporate board.

Mormons and Money
December 31, 2007

Alan Wolfe on Mitt Romney, his church, and the culture of prosperity.