Balanchine's Mystery Woman
The dancer who might have set the course for 20th-century ballet
January 17, 2014

After the Soviet revolutions of 1917, the czar was gone but ballet remained. A fascinating history of how George Balanchine helped remake ballet for the people—and just who helped him do so.

Ballet Is in Crisis Because It's Turning Into a Sport
October 14, 2013

The International Olympic Committee recently voted to restore wrestling to the Olympic Games in 2016. One activity that’s never been put before the committee: ballet.

The Crisis in Contemporary Ballet
How emotion left dance
October 04, 2013

It is mystifying to find choreographers today taking form so seriously but leaving feeling behind. Is this a slow trailing off from modernism or a misconceived tribute to the idea of abstraction, or is it the beginning of a new way of thinking?

Steps, Steps, Steps
February 18, 2002

Ballet as a conservative art form.