Behind the Scenes of Joe Biden's Bizarre Visit to 'The View'
February 26, 2014

Behind the scenes of a very bizarre show.

Why Is Robert Gates Angry?
The former Defense Secretary: Indignant, effective, and often wrong.
February 25, 2014

Robert Gates was one of the most effective secretaries of defense in recent history. He was also one of the most restraineduntil now.

The Unlikely Underdog
Against Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden would break the vice presidential nomination streak
April 15, 2013

Against Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden would break the vice presidential nomination streak.

Is Income Inequality a 'Myth'?
October 31, 2011

[Guest post by Matt O'Brien] Pay no attention to soaring executive compensation, or Wall Street bonuses, or even to the latest CBO report on income distribution: skyrocketing income inequality the past few decades is just a “myth”—at least according to Jim Pethokoukis of the American Enterprise Institute.

The Crisis
March 16, 2010

JERUSALEM—Suddenly, my city feels again like a war zone. Since the suicide bombings ended in 2005, life in Jerusalem has been for the most part relatively calm. The worst disruptions have been the traffic jams resulting from construction of a light rail, just like in a normal city.

The "Nuclear Option" Spin
February 25, 2010

In 2005, Senate Republicans became exasperated that Democrats began using the filibuster against judicial nominees, which had happened in the past but with less frequency than Democrats were employing it. So they threatened to impose what they called "the nuclear option" -- changing the rules mid-session by a majority vote to forbid filibustering judicial nominees.

AfPak Confusion at the White House
October 08, 2009

Afghanistan is a challenge that would bedevil even the finest foreign policy makers. But today's big stories in the Post and Times paint a somewhat discouraging picture of the Obama team's handling of the war. The Post depicts an administration whose initial policy review reached conclusions that meant different things to different people. And the Times reveals a re-review that is addressing fundamental questions which probably should have been settled months ago.

Biden Gets Real
September 03, 2009

There was a lot of standard defense of Team Obama stimulus policy in Vice President Biden’s speech on the recovery act here at Brookings today.

Biden's Trip: What Is Going On?
July 27, 2009

Vice President Biden has been taking some heat for the very harsh line he took against Russia over the weekend; his words had the effect of muddling the administration's "message" to the Putin-Medvedev regime. The Times has the story here. Biden's comments to a Georgian audience earlier in the week have received less attention. From the Times' Friday report: At the gathering with displaced Georgian children from South Ossetia, Mr. Biden saved his harshest words for Russia.