Bill Clinton

Television Anchors’ Reign of Tyranny Over Presidential Debates Must End!
October 11, 2012

Jim Lehrer is a terrible debate moderator, but he's not the only one.

WSJ Declares “Liar” Out Of Bounds
October 11, 2012

Romney is such a liar that his allies now say it's not okay ever to call anybody a liar.

Mitt Romney’s Weaselly Abortion Lie
October 10, 2012

Here's a rule: If Romney’s lips are moving and he’s talking about abortion, he is lying.

Don’t Reform Taxes. Raise Them.
October 09, 2012

Sen. Chuck Schumer says we don’t need tax reform, we need a tax increase. He’s right.

Barack Obama, Supportable and Inscrutable
October 05, 2012

Why are we no closer to understanding Barack Obama?

Romney Returns to Form ... Briefly
September 25, 2012

At Clinton Global Initiative, Romney offers a glimpse of the analytical, less ideological candidate that he might have been.

How the Federal Government is Killing Community Policing
September 25, 2012

If you’ve ever watched a television series, like “Hill Street Blues” or “NYPD Blue,” you are probably well acquainted with the mutual disdain between local and federal law enforcement. While the script for these shows was predictable, it was engrossing nonetheless. Cops were local bumpkins who policed on gut instinct, and whose ties to locals made corruption an ever-present danger. Feds were arrogant ‘suits’ who used wiretaps and hi-tech devices to drag in dozens at a time—cops included.

Buckraking Around the World With Tony Blair
September 14, 2012

The sanctimonious former prime minister is being paid millions to pal around with corrupt dictators.

Why Romney is Avoiding Specifics on His Policy Ideas: No One Likes Them
September 11, 2012

Conservatives want Romney to get specific on policy, particularly health care. They should look at the polling on his agenda.

The Charlotte Letter: Rielle Reconsidered
September 10, 2012

Talking to Rielle Hunter about living in Charlotte, John Edwards' parenting, and why women hate her.