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Cohn & Kirn Debate the “Real Romney”
September 19, 2012

Have we finally seen the "real Romney"? Jonathan Cohn and Walter Kirn take to IM to debate

We’ll All Be Moochers Someday. Yay!
September 18, 2012

Maybe Romney's misguided comments will remind people they like government more than they realize

Paul Ryan's Dirty Union Secret
August 12, 2012

There’s an ugly blemish in Paul Ryan’s otherwise sterling conservative credentials: He’s a union man. Sort of.

The Nader-Kristol Axis Of... Well, Not "Good"
August 05, 2011

Ralph Nader advocates a left-wing primary challenge (though not by himself) to President Obama, apparently unaware that his credibility to make this case might be limited by certain electoral events. Bill Kristol catches a whiff and fans the flames, arguing that such a challenge will aid the left-wing cause: So what of the Democrats? Surely they’ll produce a primary challenger to their Wall Street coddling, Afghan war prosecuting, drone assassination ordering, and debt ceiling deal-signing occupant of the Oval Office!

How the Debt Committee Could Turn Republican Against Republican
August 02, 2011

Grover Norquist is always filled with triumphalist theories, and his book elucidates one favorite Norquist claim, that shrinking revenue will turn the Democratic coalition (the "Takings Coalition") against itself in a cannibalistic orgy: The Takings Coalition can hold together as long as there is more money flowing into the state to finance the demands of each constituent group.

Why Are Spending Cuts "Phony"?
July 08, 2011

Here's Bill Kristol laying out what I suspect is going to be the emerging conservative line on a deficit agreement: The line is that tax hikes are bad, cutting the defense budget is bad, and the domestic spending cuts are "phony." James Capretta made the same charge recently. Note that we don't know what the deal is, and conservatives have no specific reason to believe that any domestic spending cuts will be "phony." It's simply an article of faith on the right that any spending cuts in bipartisan deficit agreements are phony. I would note, however, that this belief is problematic even by it

The Weekly Standard’s Thoughtful Perspective on Transgender Rights
June 30, 2011

[Guest post by Eliza Gray] The Monday after my cover story on transgender rights went to print, I was eagerly awaiting feedback on how it was received. I figured there would be positive and negative reactions. But I wasn't expecting the kind of feedback I got when, a few minutes after I sat down at my computer, a colleague plunked an issue of The Weekly Standard on my desk.

Breakthrough Journal: Has Liberalism Entered a Post-Obama Era?
June 30, 2011

Imagine a new liberal policy magazine in which the word “Obama” appears only five times in 75 pages, and phrases like, “Obama should have …” or “Obama’s big mistake was …” never.

Bill Kristol Sees Around Corners
June 10, 2011

[Guest post by Alex Klein] In the wake of Bill Kristol’s bold declaration that “Rudy’s Running,” our friends over at The Atlantic have compiled a handy timeline of five of the pundit’s most hilariously wrong predictions. The problem is, we think they’re selling him a bit short: he’s about as accurate as a Ouija Board.

June 09, 2011

-- From TNR's editors, how Obama is mishandling the economy. -- Bill Kristol is always wrong -- A genuinely alarming poll for the Obama campaign -- "Atlas Shrugged 2: Shrug Harder" is back on