Billy Zabka

Meek Mice Happier After Exercise, But Still Bullied By Billy Zabka Mice
July 06, 2011

Interesting study on the physiology of exercise: For the experiment, researchers at the institute gathered two types of male mice. Some were strong and aggressive; the others were less so. The alpha mice got private cages. Male mice in the wild are territorial loners. So when then the punier mice were later slipped into the same cages as the aggressive rodents, separated only by a clear partition, the big mice acted like thugs.

Sweep The Leg, McConnell
February 23, 2010

NBC's Mark Murray suggests that, while the Republican Party has enjoyed enormous success with its strategy of opposing everything President Obama does, the strategy may have limits: But is that about to change? And is this the reason for the White House's televised health-care summit with Republicans on Thursday? Enter the William Zabka Principle. Zabka is the actor who played the villain in quite a few '80s movies -- "The Karate Kid," "Back to School," and "Just One of the Guys."  And just what is the Zabka Principle?