Bob Etheridge

Is Mitt’s Willie Horton Ad Man Up To The Task?
February 21, 2012

It’s been noted by many that Mitt Romney’s task in Michigan is but a repeat of the one he faced in Florida and Iowa with Newt Gingrich: Confronted with a surging rival (in this case Rick Santorum), he must turn the guns of his “unaffiliated” SuperPAC (which raised more money, from only a handful of people, than his actual campaign last month) on the challenger hard enough to leave him smoldering in the dust by the time voters go to the polls.

A Lawyer On Every Street Corner
June 15, 2010

If you haven't seen it, some young-right-wingers started questioning Congressman Bob Etheridge on the street last week, and he grabbed the wrist of one and demanded he identify himself: Glenn Greenwald demands that Etheridge be arrested for assault: That's a clear case of assault and battery (the unedited video from the first camera is here).  There is some speculation that the individuals questioning him have some connection to the right-wing organization of Andrew Breitbart.  I hope it goes without saying how irrelevant that is.

The Selling of the Scandal
September 28, 1998

A first-hand tour of how candidates and the media packaged and sold the Lewinsky scandal.