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A Serial Killer Movie You Can’t Watch in America
August 24, 2012

It is called The Black Panther, and for the moment at least it cannot be seen in America. I daresay it deserves another title, now, one that avoids suggestions of horror or intimations of radical black politics. There is horror in this movie, though our standards for that genre have changed so much since 1977, when the film very briefly opened in Britain.

Our Playhouse
August 24, 2012

We played in the shadow Of murderers’ at work, Kneading soldiers out of mud, Stepping on them When we were done playing.  Girls walking the streets Gave us bread to eat. An old dog with a limp Kept us warm at night As we huddled in doorways.  My friends, my playmates, We never saw the dead, Only the birds scatter After we heard the gunshots And ducked our heads.  This poem appeared in the September 13, 2012 issue of the magazine.  

Night Music
August 24, 2012

Little brook, running past my house, I like the tune you hum to yourself When night comes, And only the two of us are awake. You keep me company So I don't fear The darkness round my bed And the thoughts in my head Flying crookedly like bats Between the old church and the graveyard. This poem appeared in the September 13, 2012 issue of the magazine.

Today’s Menu
August 24, 2012

All we got, mister, Is an empty bowl and a spoon For you to slurp Great mouthfuls of nothing,  And make it sound like A thick, dark soup you’re eating, Steaming hot Out of the empty bowl. This poem appeared in the September 13, 2012 issue of the magazine.

It’s Time to Retire the Late-Night TV Wars
August 23, 2012

Why do we still care about the timeline of late-night TV programming?

Bob: Remembering Robert Hughes
August 23, 2012

Art critic Robert Hughes died on August 6, 2012.

The Wildly Overrated Andy Warhol
August 22, 2012

You can always count on the anti-traditionalists to come up with their own cockamamie traditions. And The Painting Factory: Abstraction After Warhol—which I caught at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles just before it closed the other day—is about as nutty as they come.

How College Bookstores are Killing College Bookstores
August 21, 2012

Why we shouldn’t mourn the decline of the campus bookseller

Magic Matthew: McConaughey's Journey From Slacker to Darkness
August 14, 2012

"Killer Joe" is a terrible film, but it marks the latest in a year of great performances from Matthew McConaughey.

How Helen Gurley Brown Made the World Safe for Ladyblogs
August 13, 2012

How legendary Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown helped birth the lady blogosphere.