The Stickers Any Loyal Murakami Reader Will Really Want
June 20, 2014

Every time he mentions a weird ear fetish, slap a sticker on your novel.

Why Did Borges Hate Soccer?
Mass culture was anathema to the Argentine writer
June 20, 2014

"Soccer is popular because stupidity is popular,” Borges once said.

How to Pass Time on an Aircraft Carrier
Find the places that resemble bars, play dominoes, imagine a fated connection
June 17, 2014

If I ever get asked to design a carrier I’ll create more places like this, places that look properly like bars, cosy red-signed environments with lots of neon so you can feel like you’re in an episode of "Cheers" and enjoy a mirage of life back home.

Authors of 'Digital_Humanities': Printed Books Are Vital
June 16, 2014

The five of us writing for an audience of academic humanists and publishing our thoughts in book form is somehow “ironic,” but posting a Web diatribe about a printed object is not?

Stories of Life after the Shoah
Surviving after World War II—for victims and victors
June 14, 2014

"A small boy strolls down a road lined with dead bodies near camp at Belsen."

Robert Frost Was Neither Light Nor Dark
He's worth reading because we're both
June 13, 2014

He's worth reading because we're both.

I Was Kim Jong-il's Poet Laureate
Writing helped me join North Korea's inner circle—until I committed treason.
June 13, 2014

Writing helped me join Kim Jong-il's inner circle—until I committed treason.

Why Has Literature Ignored Soccer?
June 12, 2014

Baseball has inspired great literature in part because it's seen as a kaleidoscope of the American Dream; soccer, not so much.

Hillary Clinton's Memoir Isn't Terrible at All. It's Fun and Even a Little Weird.
June 11, 2014

Sure, it's carefully packaged and unsurprising. But Hard Choices is also, like Clinton herself, workmanlike and funnyish.

A British TV Celebrity Called for a "Poetry Inquisition." He's Right.
How to make poetry relevant again
June 10, 2014

How to make poetry relevant again.