No, Mein Kampf Is Not an Amazon Bestseller
January 24, 2014

Is anyone really buying Mein Kampf?

Islamic Fundamentalists vs the Missionary Position
January 22, 2014

The best 9/11 novel is a comic one

Why E-books Are Banned in My Digital Journalism Class
January 22, 2014

The printed page still matters, even where you wouldn't expect it.

Five Writers Who Feared The Future
January 21, 2014

On the anniversary of George Orwell's death, a look at his deepest fears.

No, Jane Austen Was Not a Game Theorist
Using science to explain art is a good way to butcher both
January 18, 2014

Proust was a neuroscientist. Jane Austen was a game theorist. Dickens was a gastroenterologist. Enough with the using science to explain art.

Balanchine's Mystery Woman
The dancer who might have set the course for 20th-century ballet
January 17, 2014

After the Soviet revolutions of 1917, the czar was gone but ballet remained. A fascinating history of how George Balanchine helped remake ballet for the people—and just who helped him do so.

Seeds of Doubt
Harry Truman's concerns about Israel and Palestine were prescient—and forgotten
January 15, 2014

His doubts about the Jewish and Palestinian states were prescient—and forgotten.

The Filibuster Does Not Protect Minority Interests
And other reasons to reject supermajority requirements
January 14, 2014

The filibuster is worse than you thought. 

The Women Who Changed Celebrity-Worship Forever
January 13, 2014

A look at the lives of 6 provocative, uninhibited women. 


The Reluctant Fundamentalist: How George Orwell Embraced England
January 10, 2014

This piece first appeared on Since whoever we are (save for a few sad Leninists) we all agree with George Orwell, it usually follows that Orwell must agree with us.