Is Reading Necessarily a Hostile Experience for Young Women?
December 10, 2013

In 2007, several n+1 editors discussed books they’d read or wished they had read in college. The series of dialogues was published in a pamphlet called What We Should Have Known.

Why Do Novelists Love Affairs Between Professors and Students?
December 10, 2013

Why novelists love to write about affairs between professors and students.

Emily Dickinson's Poetry As It Was Meant To Be Read
December 10, 2013

These photos bring Dickinson to life better than any biography.

Rudyard Kipling Was a Great American
December 06, 2013

Rudyard Kipling’s creations in verse and prose are among the most familiar in the English language.

Statistically, Who's the Greatest Person in History?
Why quants can't measure historic significance
December 03, 2013

The stats have an answer. The stats lie.

Why Do We View Primo Levi's Work Through the Prism of His Death?
December 02, 2013

The Holocaust and the limits of human understanding. 

In Defense of Bad Sex Writing
November 28, 2013

Awards for bad sex writing are literary slut-shaming. 

What Happens When a Professor Tries To Use Philosophy to Prevent Suicide
November 22, 2013

A professor turns a blog post into a troubling book

Malcolm Gladwell Is America's Best-Paid Fairy-Tale Writer
The heavily-footnoted uplift of 'David and Goliath'
November 21, 2013

What do you get when you read a book that reinforces your beliefs while making you feel nonconformist? 

An Interview With Neil Gaiman, the Internet's Favorite Fantasy Writer
"It was much, much more fun being absolutely unknown"
November 21, 2013

"The big thing for me is there’s nothing wrong with escape. Someone who is in a difficult or impossible situation who is offered an unlocked door to somewhere else that they can go through, and they can go through and they can get away..."