The Dangerous Lies We Tell About America's Founding
Myths may comfort us, but facts are our best weapon against Tea Party perversions
July 03, 2014

No, the American Revolution didn't begin with the "shot heard round the world." The facts matter.

Revival Revival
Mid-century Blues obsessives are getting a lot of attention lately
July 03, 2014

What explains all the attention that mid-century Blues obsessives are getting lately?

Historians Fought About World War I the Moment It Began. They're Still Fighting.
July 03, 2014

From almost the opening shot, the Great War has been fought over by historians wishing to interpret and understand what happened and why. Their conflict is not over yet.

Barbara Ehrenreich on Richard Ford's 'Independence Day'
July 03, 2014

"There's real and there's real, and Ford's real is thoroughly innocent of the hyper- and the ir- and the sur-."

Chip Kidd Thinks Lena Dunham's Book Cover Could Use an Upgrade
But she's not alone in reviving 70s-style fonts
July 02, 2014

But the revival of '70s-style fonts is going strong.

The Most Moving, Enlightening Novels About World War I
July 01, 2014

In honor of its 100th anniversary, a list of the most evocative and profound literature about the Great War.

Louis XVI Wasn't Killed by Ideas
This is what happens when you ignore the role of politics in intellectual history
June 27, 2014

This is what happens when you ignore the role of politics in intellectual history

The Lonely Life of an Outlaw's Daughter
Making sense of a childhood filled with violence
June 25, 2014

Maria Venegas’s debut book is a stunning mash-up of genres and themes—part personal memoir, part non-fiction account of a father’s violent life as a gun-slinging criminal.

Splendor in the Grass
The washed-out farmland look is popular this season
June 24, 2014

Cornfields are popular this season.