Drawn + Quarterly Comics Enters a New Era
July 08, 2015

The company turned comic books into art.

An Unpopular Man
July 07, 2015

Norman Finkelstein was a rock star of the pro-Palestinian movement. Then he came out against BDS.

The Philosopher's Guide to Growing Up
July 07, 2015

A philosopher challenges the idea that growing older represents a decline. 

My Idol, the "Worst Rapper Ever"
July 07, 2015

A passionate book can elevate even the most obscure rapper, with the weakest rhymes.

“It’s Time That Writing Took Something Back From the Internet”
July 03, 2015

The internet has changed us, and, in turn, changed the role of the novel. Joshua Cohen tells us where—and how—they intersect. 

The Queen of American Gothic
July 03, 2015

For the writer Shirley Jackson, the poison was always in the sugar pot—and that was her charm. 

Antonin Scalia Is the Supreme Court's Greatest Writer
June 26, 2015

What makes the justice so politically reprehensible also makes him a great legal writer. 

Who Were the Greatest Shakespearean Actors of All Time?
June 26, 2015

In the great Shakespeare debate—should you see it or should you read it?—one scholar has a clear answer.

Why Are So Many Female Writers Turning Their Novels Into Diaries?
June 25, 2015

What can a diary tell us about ourselves? 

Beach Babes
June 24, 2015

Linda Rosenkrantz’s realist experiment.