Travel Writing Doesn’t Need Any More Voices Like Paul Theroux's
September 11, 2015

Maybe Paul Theroux needs to take some notes from Eat, Pray, Love.

When Family Is the Thing You Can't Escape
September 10, 2015

Lauren Groff's Fates and Furies tells of a tumultuous marriage and an even more dramatic past. 

Once A Joke Goes Viral, Who Cares Where It Came From?
September 09, 2015

The man who created some of early Hollywood's funniest gags ended up a forgotten suicide.

My Grandfather Built a House of 20,000 Books From the Ashes of War
September 09, 2015

An act of pogrom-like brutality destroyed my grandfather's home. Perhaps that fueled his lifelong obsession with books. 

Drunk Confessions
September 08, 2015

Recovering from alcoholism can make for great women's literature.

Life as Player One
September 08, 2015

Michael Clune's new book shows the spiritual side of gaming.

Lust for Learning
September 07, 2015

The vulnerabilities of a college's most fragile members shouldn't be the benchmark for everyone else’s sexual choices.

Where the Dead Refuse to Vanish
September 02, 2015

Eka Kurniawan's fiction reckons with a bloody inheritance.

Salman Rushdie's Baffling Arabian Nights
September 02, 2015

Rushdie’s new novel aims to skewer superstition and belief—but gets lost in its own games

The People’s Obituary of Henry Kissinger—Before His Death
September 02, 2015

Greg Grandin's new book shows Kissinger compulsively drawn towards action for its own sake.