The Military Is Making You Fat
August 10, 2015

Why we're all eating high-energy foods made for soldiers.

Vacations with Marilyn, Dinner with Picasso
August 06, 2015

The man who published Einstein and Sartre publishes his first book, a memoir of a life lived entirely in letters. 

The Data-Entry Dystopia
August 05, 2015

Helen Phillips’s novel evokes the menace of mundane work. 

Mockingbird, Inc.
August 04, 2015

Harper Lee’s juvenilia sprouts a literary industry.

Why an Indie Press in Brooklyn Is Publishing the Pope
August 04, 2015

Following its successful edition of the Senate Torture Report, a Brooklyn publisher has rushed the Pope's Encyclical into bookstores. 

Sex, Lies, and the Internet
August 03, 2015

Jonathan Franzen’s reckoning with his literary inheritance.

What’s David Foster Wallace Doing in a Bromance Movie?
July 31, 2015

The End of the Tour is mostly about candy and male-bonding. 

China’s Most Censored Author Published His Riskiest Book Yet
July 30, 2015

For a year, Yan Lianke has been feted by the Chinese government—at the same time that he’s been punished.

The Untold Inner Life of the First Politician to Embrace his Jewishness
July 30, 2015

A new book stitches together the public and private lives of France's first Jewish Prime Minister.

A Passion for the Void
July 27, 2015

Understanding Clarice Lispector’s strange and surreal fiction.