How the GOP Destroyed its Moderates
October 05, 2012

Moderate Republicanism is not intellectually dead. So where is it?

Gangsta’s Paradise: Dennis Lehane Goes One Noir Too Far
October 05, 2012

Unfortunately, Live by Night is not a prickly, tight Lehanean crime-thriller.

Search Me: Fourth Amendment Rights in Jeopardy
October 04, 2012

More Essential Than Ever, a survey of Fourth Amendment law, has warnings about the Amendment’s demise that are hotter than they need to be.

The Chamber of Secrets: J.K. Rowling's Second Act
October 03, 2012

The Casual Vacancy is a loose, baggy novel, but once a central narrative starts to emerge, the result is penetrating and pleasantly acerbic.

Katherine Mansfield
October 02, 2012

As an artist, it is clear that Mansfield was the forerunner, in English prose, of a new kind of sensibility.

Overruled: How Conservative Was Chief Justice Rehnquist?
October 02, 2012

That Rehnquist was a conservative who tended to vote against parties whom liberals favor is true. The question is what to make of this observation.

Tariq Ramadan’s Arab Winter
October 01, 2012

At the heart of Ramadan’s critique is the idea that “ideological imperialism” continues. The Arab Spring, however, has put Ramadan in a sticky spot.

Past Lives: A Memoir of Family Secrets and Lies
September 28, 2012

Few people manage to view themselves with the candor and subtlety that Roth summons in The Scientists.

The Life and Death of a Capital
September 27, 2012

Throughout the 1920s, the national capital became a by-word for artistic experimentation, and hedonism of every variety.

Boho Blues: What To Do When Your Brooklyn Neighborhood Loses Its Edge
September 26, 2012

Robert Anasi suffer from a fatal lack of self-awareness, which constitutes its own brand of narcissism.