Sound Check: W.S. Merwin’s Love of Foreign Language
January 25, 2013

A translator who puts his mark on poems—a bit too strongly.

Fed Head—An Insider’s Take on the Financial Crisis
January 24, 2013

Alan S. Blinder is genuinely amazed at Americans' reactions to the government's financial crisis response—since the government's plans worked.

Field of Schemes—How Politics Infected Sports
January 23, 2013

Can one be a responsible, ethical sports fan? Or is such a thing a contradiction in terms?

After the Spring—Post-Revolution Hezbollah
January 22, 2013

What a difference a wave of revolutions makes.

Is Friendship Better than Romance?
January 21, 2013

When self-help and science mix, the result can be more trite than you'd expect.

Disturbia—Will Self’s Experiment
January 17, 2013

Will Self's tries to abandon linear conventions in "Self" but just can't free himself from their grasp.

What Do Campus Conservatives Reveal About the Modern-Day GOP?
January 16, 2013

Campus conservatives are a dying, but influential, breed.

Hot Air: Dispatch from the Fiery Future
January 15, 2013

A WARMING PLANET is a deadly place to call home. We see the death toll linked to climate change mount every year: the 2003 European heat wave killed 70,000; over 100 Americans died during Hurricane Sandy; super-typhoon Bopha killed at least 900 in the Philippines; and a crippling drought in Texas and much of the rest of the southwest United States in the summer of 2011 drove global food prices to dangerous levels. Australia’s ongoing heat wave has reached such extreme temperatures that meteorologists have been forced to add new colors to their maps. And we have ourselves to blame.

Has Nate Silver Forever Changed Statistics?
January 14, 2013

With data-driven analysts gaining newfound fame, there’s a growing mythology about the power of statistics.

Excess Baggage—The Voluminous Diaries of Christopher Isherwood
January 11, 2013

Isherwood's overflowing diaries are in need of a thorough edit.