Rebel Without a Cause—A Narrow Approach to the American Revolution
November 30, 2012

Phillips's insistence on the primacy of 1775 as “the pivotal year” creates more problems than it solves.

Fever Dreams—Investigating the Memoir
November 29, 2012

Cahalan understands her memoir as an illumination of absence more than an act of retrospection.

Poison Ivy—The Ups and Downs of Affirmative Action
November 28, 2012

Ultimately, Aries’s book succeeds in complicating easy prescriptions for improving diversity at elite colleges.

Green Piece—Barbara Kingsolver’s Eco Obsessions
November 16, 2012

In this novel Kingsolver abandons the spirited determination of her memoir in favor of transparent literary activism.

Sister Act—Pippa Middleton’s Gauzy World
November 15, 2012

The problem is this: either Middleton thinks her readers are idiots or she herself needs some schooling.

Not Quite Stories—Alice Munro’s Almost Autobiography
November 14, 2012

If Dear Life is part of a kind of coda on her career, what message does it dispatch?

Purple Darkness: Poetry from the Taliban
November 13, 2012

Poetry of the Taliban may be one of the most revealing sources of how Afghans actually feel.

East is East and West is West: Al Afghani, Tagore, and Qichao
November 12, 2012

The melancholy embrace into which East and West have fallen is the leitmotif of Mishra’s new book, a group biography of three Asian intellectuals.

When a Couplet Caught Fire—The Poetry of Adrienne Rich
November 09, 2012

What Rich drew out of the shadows, and put into practice, was that deeply democratic, beautifully mixed alloy practiced by Whitman.

The Myth of the Coach—Paterno and the Problem with College Sports
November 08, 2012

Paterno owes its success to our preposterous sepia-toned ideal of the coach.