How Low Can We Go?
May 17, 2012

Daniel Gross celebrates the flexibility and the robustness of the American economy, arguing that it enjoys many hidden strengths, and will expand in t

The Human Factor
May 16, 2012

Science, like art, is a human expression. Roald Hoffmann has given a great deal of thought to how to convey this truth, which lies at the heart of the

Are You Dead Yet?
May 15, 2012

In The Undead, Dick Teresi abdicates his role as an objective narrator. He accuses the medical profession of sloppiness in the way it determines death

The Strategy
May 14, 2012

Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court’s decision striking down state statutes that criminalized gay sex was a constitutional landmark, and will remain

The Cauldron
May 10, 2012

The proper way to understand Salafism, Laurent Bonnefoy maintains, is not through the prism of the nation-state, but by understanding how a transnatio

Tailey, Twirley, Loopey
May 09, 2012

Henry Hitchings’s new book points out all of the ideological pitfalls of debating language use, and he takes pains to avoid falling into them himself.

DaVinci's Ghost (A Response)
May 08, 2012

  I was flattered to read Hannah Brooks-Motl’s recent review of my book Da Vinci’s Ghost and am grateful for the kinds things she had to say about it. Her general criticisms seem fair enough to me, although I don’t necessarily agree with them all. But could I correct just a few factual errors, since they might mislead people about the nature of my work?

The Imagination Catches Up
May 08, 2012

Laurent Binet sets out to retell the life story of Reinhard Heydrich—one of the primary architects of the Holocaust and the highest ranking Nazi offic

A Mere Jonah
May 07, 2012

Frederick Turner gives us an informative sketch for a bildungsromanabout how Miller re-made himself as a writer, transforming himself from poetaster t

Destroyer and Builder
May 03, 2012

In 1674, officials of the Dutch court carried out the recommendation of the States of Holland to ban the Theological-Political Treatise, a book that o