Boston Globe

“We Must Have An Individual Mandate”
June 05, 2012

When the Boston Globe reported last year that Mitt Romney’s gubernatorial team had wiped clean hard drives and even paid to take them home with them at the end of his term in 2006, one couldn’t help but wonder: what were they trying so hard to hide? The Romney crew seems unlikely to be indulging in office porn. Maybe some secret hot-cocoa recipes? Well, today we got a hint.

Who’s Afraid of the Mandate?
May 22, 2012

BOSTON—One of the most interesting stories about health care reform in Massachusetts, where I’m on a learning tour this week, is a story that never developed: The backlash against the mandate. In last year’s poll by the Boston Globe and Harvard School of Public Health, the most recent comprehensive survey I’ve found, 51 percent of respondents said they supported the requirement that almost everybody get insurance or pay a fine, while 44 percent said they opposed it.

Is Ann Romney’s Dressage Off Mess-AHGE?
March 12, 2012

Late last week, I drew attention to a Joan Vennochi column in the Boston Globe that drew the connection between Ann Romney’s musings on health and wealth—her implication that having the latter matters less than the former—and her husband’s pledge to do away with the national universal health care law modeled on the law he signed in Massachusetts, both of which are geared to help people who, like Ann Romney, suffer from preexisting conditions like Multiple Sclerosis but who lack Romneyesque resources to care for their conditions.

When Clueless Wealth Stops Being Funny
March 08, 2012

All of us, yours truly certainly included, have had our fun so far this campaign over Mitt Romney's cluelessness about his extreme wealth, the litany of lines that betray just out of touch a life spanning Cranbrook Prep, Bain Capital and La Jolla has made him. But in today's Boston Globe, columnist Joan Vennochi offers a tart reminder that there are implications to this cluelessness that aren't funny at all.

Romney: Ill-Suited For Coming Culture War
February 08, 2012

As has been noted today, Rick Santorum's strong showing last night was quite possibly fueled by the recent resurgence of the culture war issues that are Santorum's bread and butter: abortion rights, contraception, and gay marriage.

Ghost Of Mitt’s Moderate Past Haunts Again
February 03, 2012

If you’re Mitt Romney and the monthly jobs report comes out with surprisingly good news, what do you do? You change the subject.

Meet The Trustee
January 30, 2012

Viewers of last week's CNN Republican debate in Florida were introduced to a new figure about whom we will surely be hearing more this year: Mitt Romney's "trustee." Romney referred to him four times in response to questions about his just-released 2010 tax returns -- never in person but instead as "my trustee," a word that rolls off Romney's lips as "my barber" or "my car guy" rolls off the lips of most Americans. Well, today the Boston Globe introduced us to this mysterious figure. R.

Boston Globe Endorses Hunstman; Romney Smiles
January 06, 2012

It’s tempting to believe that anything that boosts Mitt Romney’s rivals is bad news for Romney himself. In fact, that’s not the case, and today’s Boston Globe endorsement of Jon Hunstman illustrates why.  According to the latest Suffolk University tracking poll, Romney has a 23-point lead in New Hampshire over Ron Paul, his closest competitor. Barring a near-miraculous turn of events, Romney will win next Tuesday’s primary contest. The real question, as I noted yesterday, is whether any of the non-Paul contenders can use New Hampshire to establish himself as a credible alternative.

Mitt on Hedge-Fund Loophole: Heck, Yeah
December 23, 2011

Many reported today on Mitt Romney's refusal to release his tax returns, but the Boston Globe went a step further and zeroed in on Romney's strong hint that he is, in fact, taking advantage of the loophole on "carried interest," which allows his income from Bain Capital to be taxed at only 15 percent rather than the 35 percent rate for ordinary income. This is significant.

2012: The It Gets Better Project?
December 14, 2011

Noam's post this afternoon on the White House's belated revelation about Republican intransigence reminded of another interesting item from yesterday's briefing with the Obama reelection team, their response to a good question from the Boston Globe's Glen Johnson asking how the Obama crew viewed things proceeding in 2013, assuming their optimistic projections proved correct and Obama won a second term.