Bradley Burston

A Prayer for the People of Haiti... And Cursed be Pat Robertson and his Reading of the Holy Book
January 16, 2010

From Bradley Burston, Haaretz:  On hearing the words of the Reverend Pat Robertson: A prayer for the people of Haiti, who, on a good day, must take heroic measures just to wake the next, And who must now find a way to live through the end of the world: Lord who speaks in earthquakes Speak now in miracles. I thank you, that first prayer begins. Modeh Ani.

Hey Obama, Don’t Waste Your Time Giving A Speech In Israel.
August 03, 2009

Two Israeli writers caused a stir last week by calling on President Obama to speak directly to Israelis, similar to the way he has addressed populations from Cairo to Moscow. “Simply stated, take your campaign directly to the Israeli people, and soon,” Bradley Burston wrote in a Haaretz blog post.

A Startling About-face
May 23, 2008

Imagine you wake up one Sunday morning and find in the Times that Frank Rich has written a column in which he has apologized to George Bush and endorsed the Iraq war.  Or that Maureen Dowd has gotten down on her knees and begged pardon from Hillary Clinton.  Or that Postmen Charles Krauthammer and George Will have endorsed Barack Obama.  Or, for that matter, that yours truly in this very space has seen the justice of the whole Palestinian cause, from 1917 on till today.You would now be in the world of the unimaginable, and that's where Bradley Burston who in his column "A Special Place in Hell