Bradley Smith

Adventures In Freedom Of Speech
January 31, 2011

Liberals protesters appeared outside the annual Koch brothers right-wing retreat. Bradley Smith believes this violates their fundamental right to be spared from criticism: The protest was “an open assault on rights of association,” said Bradley A. Smith, a professor at Capital University Law School, whose writings on easing campaign finance restrictions have been influential among conservatives. The Koch retreat “will harm no one,” Professor Smith said. “They are not going to do any more than talk and listen to speakers.

Jeff Rosen On Al Franken
November 16, 2010

Ever since he declared his campaign for Senator, Al Franken has been trailed by endless Stuart Smalley jokes. In TNR's latest issue, though Jeff Rosen trails Franken around and concludes that Franken is, indeed, good enough and smart enough: In recent years, congressional hearings have become little more than televised sideshows in which most senators rely on questions scripted by their staff and seem unable to ask tough or even relevant follow-ups.

Franken Sense
November 16, 2010

Please join Jeffrey Rosen for a live conversation about Al Franken and the Democratic Senate "after the shellacking," at 3p.m. EST, on Friday, November 19. In July 2009, after a cliff-hanger of an election and an ugly court battle over the results, Al Franken finally arrived in the United States Senate. Eager to lay the groundwork for legislative accomplishments, the author of Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot looked for common ground with his new GOP colleagues. In the case of Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican, that common ground was music.

I Should Have Been A Conservative
June 18, 2010

During the whole epistemic closure debate there was some talk about the rewards conservatives get for ideological fidelity.