Breaking Bad

'Better Call Saul' Has Its Own Dark, Addictive Chemistry
February 06, 2015

"Better Call Saul" is a hero's journey with a seedy legal drama mixed in.

'Twin Peaks' and the Origin of the Dead Woman TV Trope
April 10, 2014

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of "Twin Peaks"'s premiere, what does it reveal about our ongoing fascination with a dead girl's body? 

The Star of 'Breaking Bad' Plays LBJ, and Tries to Move Beyond the Cliches
March 27, 2014

We think we have a handle on LBJ—the raw ambition, the animal physicality, the gaping insecurities—but for the most part, we’re just redrawing the cartoon.

'The Good Wife" Can Compete with Cable Drama, But it Shouldn't
March 26, 2014

"The Good Wife" doesn't need to kill beloved characters to be better than "Game of Thrones." It already is. 

Meet Walter Blanco
February 06, 2014

How do you say "meth kingpin" in Spanish?

The Best TV of 2013: Weinergate, Sex-ed, and a Fake Wes Anderson Trailer
December 16, 2013

Highlights from an eventful year in television.

Is 'Homeland' Turning Into 'Breaking Bad?'
October 13, 2013

In their conversation about Episode 3 of Homeland, New Republic Senior Editor Isaac Chotiner and former CIA man Robert Baer discuss the way the Agency exerts psychological control over its agents, and whether the show is becoming more like "Breaking

Of Course the Best Local-TV Tweet Ever Comes from Philadelphia
October 07, 2013

    Four years ago, I wrote a New Republic piece about the magic of local television news—and how that magic had achieved its greatest form in Philadelphia, where a paucity of real celebrities means local-TV anchors are treated like celebrities. 

Last Night's Breaking Bad Finale Was Perfect
September 30, 2013

Everything happened as it should on last night’s “Breaking Bad” finale.