If John Boehner Knows What's Good For Him, He'll Shut Down the Government
September 25, 2013

What the hell is John Boehner thinking? I don’t mean that strictly in a rhetorical sense, though it’s hard not to slap your head when you see the most powerful Republican in the country lurching from one cockamamie strategy to another.

The Big Budget Battle the GOP Has Already Won
September 20, 2013

If you enjoy silence, a good place to camp out for the next couple weeks is the room in the Capitol Building designated for Congressional negotiations on the budget.

Countdown to Shutdown: "Nobody Knows How This Will End"
September 16, 2013

Are we headed for a government shutdown? My colleague Noam Scheiber thinks so. And, in his latest dispatch, he makes an awfully good case. 

This Is How Those Crazy, Divided Republicans Get Their Way
September 11, 2013

Feeling nostalgic for big budget fights? Do you miss watching House Speaker John Boehner trying to control the Republican caucus? Are you eager for yet another deal that quietly starves government services and weakens the economy?

One Unconvincing Argument Against Striking Syria
August 30, 2013

There's a lot of chatter this morning about the big piece above the fold on the front page of today's Washington Post laying out the deep misgivings of many in the military about launching an attack against Syria to punish it for the regime's apparen

Maybe the Sequester Wasn't So Overstated After All
August 19, 2013

Not long ago, the emerging Beltway consensus was that the impact of the budget sequestration that went into effect last spring had been wildly overstated.

The Sequester Is Stifling Science
August 15, 2013

Budget sequestration was supposed to cause all sorts of disruptions, the kind that would get the attention of middle class voters. It didn’t. And for that reason most of the media stopped paying attention.

Fiscal Scolds: The Next Generation
Cash prizes, a date with Bill Clinton: Pete Peterson recruits collegiate centrists
May 08, 2013

Pete Peterson's long game to reduce the national debt involves wooing college kids with cash prizes and a visit to Bill Clinton's conference.

Turbulence Ahead
Flight delays are forcing Republicans to face the facts on sequestration
April 25, 2013

Flight delays are forcing Republicans to face the facts on sequestration.