The Elite Club Petraeus Just Joined
Rich people who make $1 a year
July 16, 2013

CUNY just dropped Petraeus's salary from $200,000 to one buck. He's not alone. 

An Obamacare Debate We Should Be Having
July 08, 2013

The Obama Administration’s decision to delay enforcement of Obamacare’s “employer mandate” produced some predictable reactions on the right.

How to Prevent Chinese Employees From Stealing Secrets: Drunk Karaoke
That's one consultant's advice, anyway, for paranoid companies
June 14, 2013

That's one consultant's advice, anyway, for paranoid companies.

Peabody Energy's Coal Train Has Hauled Health-Care Benefits Away
A judge approves a whole new way to cheat U.S. workers
May 30, 2013

When I drove to southern West Virginia a few weeks ago to watch Senator Joe Manchin defend his role in pushing gun-control legislation, I was struck to find that at the first of two town hall meetings he held, at the high-ceilinged Wyoming County Cou

Why Did Apple Hire Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson?
It's a clever move by the embattled company
May 29, 2013

It's a clever move by the embattled company.

The Obamacare Idea Conservatives Should Be Cheering, But Aren't
May 28, 2013

Obamacare hate is a full-time occupation on the right. But a story from Monday’s New York Times is a reminder that some pieces of the law should have conservatives celebrating, for the same reason they are leaving liberals like me a little queasy.

Jamie Dimon Blackmailed His Own Bank—and Won
May 22, 2013

By threatening to resign as CEO, the JPMorgan honcho gave shareholders no choice but to keep him as chairman as well.

Weaseling Out of Obamacare
Nursing homes, fast-food restaurants think up ways to shirk employer responsibility
May 21, 2013

Have nursing homes, fast-food restaurants, and other low-wage employers found a way to avoid paying for full insurance?

Before Sunrise
November 12, 2009

When President Obama arrives in Tokyo on Friday, he will confront a country that seeks to be an ally of the United States. For Japan has never been an American ally. It was first a rival, then an enemy, and finally, after it lost the war it foolishly started with the U.S., it became a protectorate, not an ally.   The distinction matters. An alliance is an institution negotiated between two sovereign governments in which each agrees to a series of reciprocal obligations that have the force of law.

Response to My Anti-Statism Article
November 11, 2009

I got an email from an old friend, Joel Parker, who is an international vice president of the Transportation Communications Union, and one of the smartest people I know. It's a response to my article  on anti-Statism in America that has been on the site today. I am reproducing it for its criticisms rather than its compliments, which bear not only on what I wrote but also on our continuing discussion of the health care bill. Just read your latest TNR piece on anti-government sentiment. I thought it was excellent, and agreed with its central point.