Boring Candidates, Viral Videos: The Tough Life of SNL's Political Comedy Guru
October 18, 2012

In the era of the 24-hour political satire cycle, writing for Saturday Night Live is harder than ever.

The Aimless Career of James Carter IV
September 20, 2012

Before Jimmy Carter's grandson found the secret Romney video, he was a drifting, unmotivated policy researcher. Now, he's found his calling.

Romney's Turnout Strategy Puts The Ball In Obama's Court
September 20, 2012

Obama has the votes he needs to win. If Romney can't persuade them to switch sides, then he just has to hope they don't vote.

Four Good Reasons for Romney’s Bad Press
September 14, 2012

There’s a simple reason Romney is getting so much negative press these days: He deserves it.

Is This Election Killing Political Satire? Ask Nicki Minaj
September 04, 2012

Have we become unable to appreciate a good political joke coming from anyone but Jon Stewart?

The Difference Between Political Lies and Political Dishonesty
September 04, 2012

Some smart pundits are saying the media shouldn't call out Romney and Ryan on dishonesty. Here's why they're wrong.

Dollars to Donuts: Why Dunkin' Employees Hate Mitt Romney
August 31, 2012

Dozens of workers from Bain-owned companies rallied this week in Tampa to decry the impact of Bain-style capitalism.

The Tweeps on the Bus
August 24, 2012

BuzzFeed constructs its political content for the Twitter-fied world.

Will Twitter Change the Way We Measure Public Opinion? Let's Hope Not.
August 01, 2012

Bad political analysts received a gift today: a new tool to reinforce their worst instincts. Twitter has launched the “Twitter Political Index,” which will apparently provide a daily assessment of political sentiment on twitter. What exactly does that mean? Well, computers will analyze every single tweet and determine whether they're for or against Obama or Romney. Twitter sentiment is then boiled down into a number from 0-to-100, where a score near 100 means that tweets are resoundingly positive.

Romney: I Love Socialized Medicine
July 30, 2012

Conservatives have spent a lot of time accusing President Obama of trying to bring socialized medicine to America. It’s a grossly misleading charge: For better or for worse, the Affordable Care Act relies heavily on private insurance and involves far laxer regulation than most universal coverage schemes. No, if you want to see a system with truly socialistic characteristics, you have to look elsewhere. Israel, for example. And guess who just praised that system?