Pass This Bill or a Sick Waiter Will Sneeze on Your Food
August 27, 2014

It would help stressed-out workers and the businesses that employ them. Hey, Democrats, are you paying attention?

It's Time to Pay Prisoners the Minimum Wage
August 15, 2014

Giving convicts labor equality will help our conscience and our bottom line. 

How Much Is Obamacare Raising Your Insurance Rate? Depends on Which State You Live In.
August 04, 2014

The critics were sure premiums would skyrocket next year. Looks like the critics were wrong. Again.

It's a Summer of Record Heat, Drought, and Wildfires
July 22, 2014

It's not just the time of year and it's not just you.

A New Provision Threatens California Inmates' First Amendment Rights
July 13, 2014

A year after the hunger strike, some things have improved, but some things have gotten worse.

California Gave New Moms and Dads Paid Leave—And It’s Working
June 30, 2014

Now imagine if paid leave became federal law.

I'm Supposed to Be a Cynical Journalist, and I've Fallen in Love with a Politician
June 16, 2014

The excruciating pain of watching Matt Miller lose.

This Just In: Uninsured in Red States Getting Shaft From Lawmakers
April 16, 2014

The states that need the most help aren't getting it, thanks to conservatives and their friends at the Supreme Court.

Trapped in a Devastating Drought, California Needs to Take on Some Surprising Sacred Cows
March 06, 2014

The state's water situation is life-changing. Here's the behavior that needs to be altered.  

Obamacare in Red and Blue America: Two Charts Tell the Story
January 19, 2014

Two graphs show how differently the Affordable Care Act is playing out in more conservative parts of the country.