campaign finance

The Menendez Case Proves the Supreme Court Was Naive About Campaign Finance Laws
April 02, 2015

The Citizens United decision looks even more ridiculous now.

Here's Another Sign That Hillary Clinton's the New Boss in Town
August 14, 2014

Move over, Obama. There's a new money machine in town.

Why Are There No Female Sheldon Adelsons?
July 23, 2014

The real reasons for the absence of free-spending women political donors.

Conservatives Are Sacrificing Scott Walker for a Higher Cause
June 24, 2014

They want to eradicate fundraising restrictions—even if it costs the governor his job.

The Hounding of Brendan Eich Gives New Cover to Defenders of Dark Money
April 08, 2014

Conservatives opposed to disclosure of political contributions like to play the victim. The hounding of Brendan Eich just made that a lot easier.

John Roberts Shows He Has No Idea How Money Works in Politics
April 02, 2014

And that's very bad for our electoral process.

It's Official: One Koch Brother Equals 515,000 Union Members
March 11, 2014

The statistic that conservatives don't want you to see.

Larry Lessig, Off the Grid
February 05, 2014

The superstar law professor marched across New Hampshire to save democracy. Are you with him?

A Rare Campaign Finance Indictment
September 26, 2013

Something pretty remarkable happened Thursday morning in Ohio: Two businessmen were charged with serious violations of federal campaign finance law.

Guess How Much the Clintons Have Raised Since 1992
September 24, 2013

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