Triumph And Tragedy
August 26, 2009

Over the past 40 years, Edward Moore Kennedy was the grand statesman of the Democratic liberalism that emerged out of the 1960s. He was a loyalist to his principles even when those principles fell completely out of fashion. He overcame personal flaws and searing travails to become a masterful legislator, congressional infighter, and builder of unlikely coalitions. Ironically, he achieved all of this only after he had surmounted the political entitlement that made his career possible in the first place.

Hitting The Wyoming Caucuses, Hard
January 05, 2008

This Saturday, most politicos are either looking forward to the New Hampshire primary or recovering from several nights of Obama victory-inspired sex. But the truly fanatical among us are watching today's Wyoming Republican caucuses--an event with rules more arcane than Iowa's, zero public polling, and even the possibility of an upset by Ron Paul or even (perish the thought!) vigorous Wyoming campaigner Duncan Hunter. Wyoming will actually produce 12 RNC delegates, the same amount as New Hampshire.