Cayman Islands

Romney Claims No Tax Advantage in Caymans
September 21, 2012

Why would anyone put his money in the Cayman Islands if there were, as Romney claims, no tax advantages?

Hey Mitt Romney, Nobody Uses Swiss Bank Accounts Anymore
July 12, 2012

Hardly anything could have been more damaging to Mitt Romney’s perpetual quest to relate to the average American than the recent revelations in Vanity Fair that he maintains personal finances in a sophisticated network of institutions across Europe and North America. Among the entities that Romney relies upon is a limited liability corporation in Bermuda and a “blocker” entity in the Cayman Islands.

Funny Old Wayne
June 09, 2010

The average Premier League club has very little to do with you, the supporter, and your life. Yes, it is named after your town, but most of the players come from elsewhere, countries you may never have heard of, stay two or three seasons, then leave. The uniform displays the logo of an offshore gambling website. The owners fly in from the Cayman Islands to snap up your club with foreign oil money, mall money, steel money, or money loaned to them by investors which they are then happy to freight onto your club’s debt.