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The Slanted Times Union Poll, A Denouement
March 02, 2011

Yesterday's New York Times poll showed that the public, by a 60-33% margin, opposes taking away collective bargaining rights from public employees. Conservatives pronounced the poll hopelessly biased.

The Unnecessary Fall
August 12, 2010

A counter-history of the Obama presidency.

Number of the Day
August 04, 2010

Should they stay, or should they go? Either way, there will be trouble because the United States is home to about:   10.8 million unauthorized immigrants   The figure, from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), likely overstates how many are still in the United States. The most recent data is from January 2009, but DHS noted then that about one million unauthorized immigrants had left in the past two years due to the economic downturn.  Nevertheless, a sizable population remains. And Americans are conflicted on how to deal with it.

A Glimpse Into The Mind Of The Press
May 19, 2010

Here's a good window into the mentality of the Washington press corps. New York Times political reporter Peter Baker tweaks President Obama for not making himself available to answer a question about... last night's election result: At a ceremony to sign a bill promoting press freedom around the world on Monday, President Obama refused to take questions from the reporters in attendance.

The Populism of the Privileged
April 19, 2010

WASHINGTON -- The tea party is nothing new, it represents a relatively small minority of Americans on the right end of politics, and it will not determine the outcome of the 2010 elections. In fact, both parties stand to lose if they accept the laughable notion that this media-created protest movement is the voice of true populism. Democrats will spend their time chasing votes they will never win.

Roger Ailes Hated Your Party
January 11, 2010

That New York Times piece on Roger Ailes I mentioned before also featured this quote from the Fox News executive waxing populist: “I built this channel from my life experience,” Mr. Ailes, 69, said. “My first qualification is I didn’t go to Columbia Journalism School. There are no parties in this town that I want to go to.” No parties he wants to go to? Comments like that might get Ailes disinvited from socialite Georgette Mosbacher's next Christmas party: RAY Kelly keeps one eye on crime and the other on fashion.

Will the Public Buy the Medicare Buy-in?
December 08, 2009

The Medicare buy-in that the Democrats are weighing could certainly diminish some of the political resistance that the public option stirred up amongst recalcitrant Senate moderates. But polling data that suggests a Medicare expansion would also play very well outside the Beltway.

Annals Of Intellectual Honesty--bill Kristol Edition
May 05, 2008

Some columnists would scrap a paragraph that's been undercut by the latest installment of a poll they're citing. Not Kristol. He writes today: In a New York Times/CBS News poll in late February, Obama was defeating John McCain 50 to 38. Two months later, the Times/CBS poll had McCain and Obama tied. The poll that came out yesterday showed Obama reopening a lead over McCain — but clearly over this period a vulnerability for Obama was exposed. So how big was that lead Obama reopened in the latest Times/CBS poll? 51 to 40--almost exactly where it stood in February.

Low Clearance
October 10, 2005

In January 2006, a court in Northern Virginia will hear a case in which, for the first time, the federal government has charged two private citizens with leaking state secrets. CBS News first reported the highly classified investigation that led to this prosecution on the eve of the Republican National Convention. On August 27, 2004, Lesley Stahl told her viewers that, in a "full-fledged espionage investigation," the FBI would soon "roll up" a "suspected mole" who had funneled Pentagon policy deliberations concerning Iran to Israel.

The View From the Tube
August 04, 1986

Fron 1986: What the TV newsmagazines can’t tell us.