Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Read My Lips: More New Taxes!
April 14, 2014

That check you wrote today buys you a lot. Feel proud of it.

Republicans Are Right: Obamacare Is Redistribution
December 09, 2013

Republicans and their allies are making a lot of different arguments about what Obamacare is doing to America. It’s hiking premiums! It’s making people lose their doctors! It’s destroying Medicare!

The Washington Post Makes the Tea Party's Favorite Point
August 26, 2013

Conservative Republicans are at it again, threatening to cut off the government’s borrowing authority if they don’t get their way on spending.

The Weekly Standard Accidentally Makes the Case for Food Stamps
August 16, 2013

Conservatives may have a new talking point in their crusade to downsize the food stamp program. And it's even more absurd than the previous ones.