The Republican Reaction to the Polar Vortex Explains Why So Many Scientists Are Democrats
January 08, 2014

When I walked to work Tuesday morning, it was 4 degrees Fahrenheit, the coldest temperature I've experienced in the last two years living in Washington, D.C.

Attack Of The Obama T-shirts
November 02, 2008

COLUMBUS, OHIO--Like many in DC, New York, and other big cities, I've been fascinated by the proliferation of Obama gear on the streets. T-shirts, hats, bags, scarves--you name it, and somebody's selling it. A friend working for the Obama team in Chicago said he and others have received loads of t-shirt design submissions--most of which were politely rejected for being a tad on the gaudy side. So it was no surprise today that as an expected 30,000-person crowd greeted the Obama family at Ohio's state house, dozens of vendors were hawking wares on the surrounding blocks.