Charles Barkley

The NBA Will Ditch Racist Owner Donald Sterling
It’s the players’ league. The owners just own it.
April 27, 2014

The NBA will find a way to force racist Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling out, because the players are the ones in-charge now.

Will We Miss David Stern’s Heavy Hands?
October 26, 2012

David Stern represented the contradictions of a liberal in power. A look at his legacy.

Rick Perry’s Ponzi Scheme Debate
September 08, 2011

In his inaugural presidential debate, Rick Perry had a choice.

Charles Barkley, Political Philosopher (Really!)
May 18, 2011

The NBA analyst and hero to wide-bodied, too-short post players everywhere gives a terrific interview to the Washington Post's Mike Wise on gays in sports: Fears of feeling uncomfortable in the shower or the dressing areas, Barkley said, are unfounded in his experience. “A guy is never going to put himself in that situation in a professional locker room,” Barkley said.

Today at TNR (September 11, 2009)
September 11, 2009

Are Women Too Willing To Settle? Too Risk-Averse in Love? And Is Modern Life to Blame?, by Martha Nussbaum Welcome to Mexico! The Home of Kidney Transplants at Low, Low Prices! Get ‘em While They’re Cold!, by Mary Cuddehe Does the U.S. Really Need to Show Israel Some Tough Love?

Harry Reid vs. The Round Mound?
September 10, 2009

The Hill has a piece about the upcoming Senate race in Nevada. It seems Danny Tarkanian, son of coaching legend Jerry, is looking to unseat the Senate majority leader with the help of some of daddy's old players and other NBA notables the family has become chummy with over the years. Among the better-known hoopsters rumored to be considering a Tarkanian assist is the popular, irrepressible, and politically minded Charles Barkley.

Sir Charles Speaks
September 02, 2008

On today, Isaac Chotiner probes the mind of Charles Barkley, burgeoning politico and broadcaster extraordinaire. The wide-ranging conversation covers everything from Barkley's fear of technological progress to his plans to run for governor of Alabama. Here are some choice snippets. Barkley on electronic correspondence:  Did you see the tribute to Teddy Kennedy? I did not. I was flying in. You should check it out online. I have to get a computer first. You should get on that. I have made it these first 45 years without a computer. It is probably too late for me now.

The TNR Q&A: Charles Barkley
September 01, 2008

With the political season kicking into high gear, it seemed like the right time for another chat with Sir Charles Barkley. Over the past year, he has been a vocal and active Barack Obama supporter, so we decided to talk to him about that, as well as the Democratic convention, his own future in politics, and his distressingly Luddite tendencies.   Have you been hanging out with Barack at all? Not lately. He’s busy. I talk to him, though. And obviously I wanted to be in Denver [for the DNC].

Barkley On Obama's Win--and Obama's Speech
January 03, 2008

Obama looks and sounds the best he has since the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner. The crowd has him pumped up and he sounds extremely passionate. Update: TNR friend Charles Barkley writes to say that Obama winning Iowa is a "great start" and he hopes it leads to Obama "winning it all." And who wants to argue with Sir Charles? --Isaac Chotiner 

Barkley For Governor
July 10, 2007

The great Charles Barkley attended a Barack Obama fundraiser in Alabama yesterday, and even got up on stage: At one point, someone in the crowded shouted at Barkley urging him to run for governor, something he has said for years he wants to do."Let me tell you something," Barkley told the shouter. "You don't have to worry about that. You've got my word on that." You can read Barkley's (exclusive!) chat with TNR this spring here. --Isaac Chotiner