Charles Krauthammer

Cbo's Latest Warning--and Whether We Should Listen
July 26, 2009

Can health reform make medical care less expensive over time, as President Obama and his allies claim? And, as we think about whether health reform is a good idea, does anything besides this effort at cost control really matter?

Why Conservatives Are Obsessed With "Offense-Defense"
July 14, 2009

While conservatives have raised all kinds of objections to last week's vanilla arms-control agreement, it's interesting that the emotional core of their critique has been an attack on something called the "offense-defense linkage"--a wonky way of saying that that Barack Obama might agree to limitations on missile-defense deployment in return for Russian concessions on nuclear arms. This is an obscure thing to get huffy about--why not complain that the Russians will have to destroy fewer missile launchers than we will?

Krauthammer's Super Snark
June 12, 2009

On occasion I agree with Charles Krauthammer. (OK.

The Cheney Fallacy
May 22, 2009

Jack Goldsmith's essay contrasting the Bush and Obama approaches to terrorism has been attracting lots of attention. Click here to read Charles Krauthammer and David Brooks on the piece, which Brooks calls "definitive." --Barron YoungSmith

Krauthammer Needs No Defense
May 20, 2009

Charles Krauthammer is once again now in the public eye as the most trenchant critic of the president on the right; the most trenchant and the most civilized. Ben Smith has done a modestly-sized but smart piece in Politico about the doctor, some pluses, some minuses, overall more than fair. These days, how can you write an article about anyone without taking at least one swipe? I don't much agree with Krauthammer's views on Barack Obama, certainly not on what the president is trying to do domestically, which is both brave and analytically supportable.

Of Teenage Lefties And Charles Krauthammer
May 18, 2009

Many years ago when I was in college, I spent a summer building latrines in Paraguay. It was a worthwhile experience, though I was rather disappointed with the program that sent me there. In part this was because, while it billed itself as a college-age program that accepted a few truly exceptional high-schoolers, in fact it was full of high-schoolers who were not, for the most part, demonstrably exceptional. As a result, we accomplished a good deal less than we might have otherwise.

Jus In Bello
May 14, 2009

Tom Ricks shares a note that a lieutenant colonel sent to Charles Krauthammer following his "torture is an impermissible evil--except under circumstances so vague as to render it widely permissible" column. The soldier never heard back: [A]s a Lieutenant Colonel and Combat Arms Battalion Commander in the Army I am responsible for the welfare, training, good order, and discipline of my soldiers. I am responsible for everything they do or fail to do. I am also responsible to follow and issue only those orders that are legal, ethical and moral.

Daily Affirmation 5/1
May 01, 2009

Just one today, but it's really good. Charles Krauthammer has a Washington Post column today in defense of torture. No, that's not my daily affirmation. My daily affirmation is for Dan Froomkin's devastating point-by-point takedown, also in the Post, but only online. A sample: Krauthamer: "The second exception to the no-torture rule is the extraction of information from a high-value enemy in possession of high-value information likely to save lives. This case lacks the black-and-white clarity of the ticking time bomb scenario.

Krauthammer Almost Throws In The Towel
October 03, 2008

The three truly honest conservative columnists -- George Will, David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer -- have made clear that they are no fans of Sarah Palin. They are, of course, not only honest but intellectually serious. They are not big on games.

Who Lost Iran?
May 05, 2008

  Charles Krauthammer has been taking the Bush administration to task over Iran. His recent National Review piece began, "It is time to admit the truth: The Bush administration's attempt to halt Iran's nuclear program has failed. Utterly." Simply put, he's angry Bush hasn't overturned the Iranian regime with strong enough sanctions, nor hit Iran with air strikes.