Charlie Sheen

I’ve Sheen Enough
March 02, 2011

As an experiment, two mornings in a row this week, I got up early, turned on the television in my apartment, and flipped through every news show on air. (Well, every show except one; I couldn’t bring myself to watch “Fox & Friends” lest I bump into Sarah Palin.) Almost every channel was covering Charlie Sheen. Each show was either interviewing Sheen, or talking to someone who had recently interviewed Sheen, or discussing Sheen with a medical or Hollywood expert.

Charlie Sheen, A Professional Appreciation
February 25, 2011

As a professional political commentator, I'm actually quite impressed with the sheer range of issues covered by Charlie Sheen's radio appearance yesterday: In his latest round of baffling on-air comments, Sheen ripped "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre, Alcoholics Anonymous, one of his ex-wives, churchgoers and Scientology in a call in to "The Alex Jones Show" Thursday. He also called Thomas Jefferson "a p---y," for some reason. Let me note that the Charlie Sheen Is Too Damn High Party made little impact when it debuted last fall, but its agenda has never been more vital for America.

Truther Consequences
October 07, 2009

Alex Jones is a husky man with short sandy hair, weary eyes, baby cheeks, and the kind of deep, gravelly voice made for horror-movie trailers. And it’s horror he has in mind. "Your New World Order will fall!" he screams through a megaphone at the shiny façade of a nondescript office building. "Humanity will defeat you!" A syndicated radio host, filmmaker, and all-around countercultural icon based in Austin, Texas, Jones has long been one of the country’s most significant purveyors of paranoia.