Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton Made $600,000 a Year at NBC. That Upset a Lot of Male Journalists.
June 13, 2014

Stop whining jealously about one woman's impressive paycheck and focus on the bigger issues at hand.

How to Be Less Stupid About Hillary Clinton's Future Grandchild
April 18, 2014

Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy is bringing out the worst in the political media. 

Chelsea Clinton's Dullness Is Exactly What Her Parents Need
August 14, 2013

By most measures, Chelsea Clinton has lived one of the world’s most interesting lives. She was raised by (and shares the DNA of) two larger-than-life people.

Politico Is Hypnotized by Chelsea's "Increased" Role in the Clinton Foundation
August 13, 2013

Politico has a story today on the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clinton's increasingly large role there. Do you know who else has an increasingly large role at the foundation? Chelsea Clinton. How do I know this?

The November Issue
August 24, 2012

Earlier this year, Anna Wintour visited Obama headquarters in Chicago to talk numbers with the campaign’s top fund-raising brass. As she headed into her meeting, Wintour passed a tray stacked with food for volunteers: glazed doughnuts festooned with bacon, classic campaign fare. “I trust you’re not interested in that,” a staffer jokingly offered. She fixed him with her cool, disdaining stare. There will always be certain, crucial differences between politics and high fashion—“wedge” shoes or issues?

Review: Obama on ‘The View’
July 29, 2010

Say this for the president: He knows how to charm the ladies. Obama’s sit down on “The View” this morning seemed to go about as smoothly as one could hope. POTUS stayed cool, confident, and charming as he answered questions ranging from “Why don’t we get out of Afghanistan?” to “Where is your message machine to combat the right’s?” to “Were you invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding?” (No. He was not.) His one clear moment of not knowing how to respond was when Joy Behar asked if Mel Gibson needed rage therapy.

Blast from the Past
March 17, 2010

Op-eds by members of Congress, present or former, are rarely worth reading. Today's Washington Post provides one that is. It's about health care reform and its author is Marjorie Margolies. Margolies became famous, and infamous, in 1993 for casting the deciding vote in favor of President Clinton's first budget. It was a tough vote; polls showed voters in her district opposed the budget. She agreed to support it only after a personal appeal from the president.

Your Questions Answered: Ramesh Ponnuru
February 23, 2010

Ramesh Ponnuru writes for National Review: A Question for Jonathan Chait His argument stresses the political interests of Democrats in passing a bill that they have spent a year working on. What I haven't seen from Chait, or anyone else, is an explanation of why it is in the individual political interest of a few House Democrats who voted no on the Pelosi bill to vote yes now. I can see why it might be in someone's interest to flip to a no vote. But if the bill is going to pass, it needs the support of at least a few former no votes. Good question.

"she's A Natural"
August 25, 2008

So emails a friend about Michelle, and he's right. Just wait until the year 2016 when she's the entitled heir apparent to her husband's presidential legacy and winds up losing in a bitter primary fight to, I dunno, Chelsea Clinton? (Will she be old enough?) Seriously, though, I agree with Noam. --Michael Crowley