Chief of Staff

The Democratic Party Is More Diverse Than Leadership Likes To Admit
July 31, 2009

Over the past three election cycles, congressional Democrats have rebuilt an arithmetic majority. By the end of this year, they will demonstrate whether they constitute a governing majority. Now, as in the early 1990s, the acid test is health insurance reform. And now, as then, the failure to act as a governing majority will jeopardize, and could erase, their arithmetic majority. Despite the waning of their post-Civil War southern bastion, Democrats remain ideologically diverse--far more so than Republicans.

The Latest Delusions Of Lawrence Wilkerson
May 15, 2009

On Wednesday, Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson wrote a post for Steve Clemons's The Washington Note blog which has been attracting some attention (Mike linked to it yesterday).

Open for Service
November 25, 2008

Last month, retired Air Force General Merrill McPeak, one of Barack Obama’s highest-ranking military supporters during the campaign, reiterated his opposition to openly gay service. When McPeak participated in the debates over lifting the ban in 1993, he was Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

Did FEMA Really Learn The Lessons Of Katrina?
September 02, 2008

  Unlike Katrina in 2005, the government--as well as the aspiring governments of John McCain and Barack Obama--dropped everything for Hurricane Gustav. But how good was the response this time? TNR spoke with Jane Bullock, FEMA's chief of staff during the Clinton administration under James Lee Witt, who is considered the agency's best director, to assess: I think a few things made this response better than Katrina: I think that DHS and FEMA knew that they would be under the microscope, so they pulled out all the stops.

Yes, Chief Of Staff Daschle
August 26, 2008

I was just at a panel discussion featuring Tom Daschle, among other Obamaland celebrities. One of the first questions was what an Obama administration would do during its first 100 days. En route to answering it, DLC president Bruce Reed half-jokingly suggested Obama would huddle with his chief of staff, Tom Daschle, and his domestic policy adviser, Heather Higginbottom (the Obama policy director, also on the panel).

Yossi Klein Halevi On The Nine Lives Of Ehud Olmert
July 30, 2008

Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert announced today that he will resign his post after his party elects a new leader in September. We asked TNR contributing editor Yossi Klein Halevi for his take from Jerusalem:    Is it really time for eulogies? Is the abyss known as the "Olmert era" closing? Ehud Olmert has been eulogized so often that, even now, after announcing his intention to resign as Israeli prime minister when the Kadima party holds primaries for a new leader in mid-September, some Israelis don't quite believe it.

Earnest Goes to Washington
September 10, 2007

Chuck Grassley's suspicion of institutional power.

New York Postcard
October 23, 2006

The DiTomasso brothers may not have much in common with George W. Bush, but there's one thing the president and the mob-linked contractors share: Both have reason to rue the day they met Bernard B. Kerik. In 2004, Bush nominated Mayor Rudy Giuliani's former police commissioner to head the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Within days, allegations surfaced that Kerik had faced arrest for unpaid bills, had close ties to some federal contractors, and had failed to pay taxes on his nanny. The nomination collapsed, calling the White House's judgment into question.