Chris Christie

A Conservative's Guide to Undermining Pope Francis
September 23, 2015

Don't like Francis's position on climate change or inequality? Here's how to undermine his authority.

Stop Being Petty, Bruce Springsteen. Let Republicans Play Your Music.
September 03, 2015

Liberal rock stars shouldn't allow politics to polarize our music, too.

Donald Trump Stole Chris Christie’s Brand
June 30, 2015

There's only room for one loud, obnoxious jerk in the Republican primary.

Marco Rubio Wants to Scare Americans into Voting for Him
May 19, 2015

GOP presidential candidates are issuing dire warnings about national security. It will backfire.

No Campaigns for Manly Men
May 01, 2015

With two close allies indicted in the Bridgegate scandal, and former Port Authority head pleading guilty to conspiracy, Christie's presidential prospects don't look great.

Why Won't Rand Paul and Chris Christie Take a Position on Indiana's "Religious Freedom" Law?
April 01, 2015

All of the other presumptive Republican candidates for president have weighed in.

Chris Christie Has Hit Rock Bottom
March 06, 2015

Chris Christie may live on the national stage, but his disappointing track record at home will come back to bite him. 

Why Voluntary Vaccines Would Never Work in America
February 03, 2015

It works in Europe. Here's why it wouldn't work here.

Yes, the Government Can Make You Vaccinate Your Child
February 03, 2015

The courts agree: It's not a violation of your constitutional rights.

Vaccine Skepticism Isn't a Conservative Problem, but It's a Problem for Conservatives
February 02, 2015

It's difficult to confront vaccine skeptics in a way that doesn’t alarm conservatives.