Chris Christie

Chris Christie: More Like Nixon than Giuliani
January 08, 2014

Chris Christie's 2016 prospects were always about personality, not ideology. That's why the new revelations about lane closures at the George Washington Bridge are so damaging.

Scott Walker Could Reunite the GOP
December 01, 2013

Unlike Chris Christie or Ted Cruz, Scott Walker can appeal to the entire party.

Marco Rubio's Foreign-Policy Speech Proves That He is The Most Craven U.S. Senator
November 20, 2013

Read his Big Thoughtful Foreign Policy Speech and see if you can find a single idea

A Chris Christie Presidency Would Be a Disaster for Liberals
November 10, 2013

Christie's moderate views on certain social issues would do little to change things. His severe views on fiscal and foreign policy are another story. 

Marco Rubio Just Proved That He's Dumber Than Chris Christie
October 10, 2013

Jonathan Martin has an interesting and revealing piece in The New York Times on Thursday about the different stances that the potential Republican nominees have taken on the budget and debt ceiling standoffs.

Gays Are Winning the Right to the Word "Marriage," Thanks to the DOMA Ruling
September 30, 2013

Gay rights advocates celebrated another victory Friday when a New Jersey judge ruled that the state must allow same-sex couples to marry.

The Legal Battle for Gay Conversion Therapy Is a Losing One
August 20, 2013

On Monday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a ban on gay conversion therapy. Immediately, anti-gay forces condemned him in vile terms, none more strongly than Mat Staver, the founder of a conservative legal association called Liberty Counsel.

Christie Isn't Giuliani. He's Stronger.
August 06, 2013

It’s surprisingly easy to envision Christie winning the nomination.

Aaron Sorkin: Chris Christie Has the Most Dramatic Potential
August 05, 2013

As news of CNN and NBC's dueling Hillary Clinton projects broke and season two of "The Newsroom" hurtled through treatises on Occupy Wall Street and Joseph Kony, we got in touch with the show's creator, Aaron Sorkin, to chat about the way TV drama ha

The Chris Christie-Rand Paul War That Wasn't
August 01, 2013

We think of the days when the Hearsts and Pulitzers of this country fanned the flames of war to sell newspapers as long behind us, but as it turns out, it’s an impulse that’s alive and well in certain newsrooms.Did that strike you as needlessly hyper