Chris Frates

BREAKING: Tauzin Out at PhRMA
February 12, 2010

Billy Tauzin announced on Thursday that he is stepping down as leader of PhRMA, the drug industry trade group.

How to Avoid Land Mines
November 17, 2009

A few days ago in Politico, Carrie Budoff Brown and Chris Frates wrote an article on "Health reform's hidden land mines." It was, in effect, a list of all the ways in which health reform is likely to disappoint the public and/or violate pledges that reform advocates have made over the past two years. Premiums for the majority of Americans might not come down appreciably. Most people couldn't take full advantage of the insurance exchanges, which might include better options and perhaps even a government-run public plan.

Daily Treatment, With a Healthy Smile
October 20, 2009

Most under-appreciated feature of health reform: Better dental care for kids. (Jessica Marcy, Kaiser Health News) Liberal groups are mounting a campaign to improve the affordability protections in health reform. (Chris Frates, Politico) Everything you ever wanted to know about the insurance excise tax, but were afraid to ask. (Ezra Klein, Ezra Klein, and Ezra Klein, Washington Post) Note to self: Don't make vacation plans for December. (Brian Beutler, TPM) Ben Nelson spins the latest poll numbers. (Beutler again.)