Chris Hayes

How Occupy Changed Contemporary Art
April 13, 2013

A new generation's ink-and-populist poster child.

Chris Hayes's Challenge
April 10, 2013

When unserious subjects happen to serious journalists.

The Journolist Conspiracy Continues
July 20, 2010

I've written before about Journolist, a liberal email list that conservatives have claimed was the center of a liberal media conspiracy but in reality was anything but. The Daily Caller, a conservative website, has a new story claiming to have obtained evidence that Journolist was everything conservatives feared: the epicenter of a deep liberal plot to control media discourse. "It's everything you may have suspected," comments an excited Sarah Palin.

A Must-Read on China and the Deficit
November 25, 2009

Chris Hayes had a great column in The Nation last week about the totemic status of our debt to China: But if domestic Chinese concerns about the country's monetary codependence with the United States explain some of the statements of the country's leaders, they don't explain why the US media and commentators seem so intent on giving the story maximum play. The answer to that, I think, is politics. It's increasingly clear that China has replaced the bond market as the nebulous specter that fiscal hawks will use to justify domestic austerity.