Chuck Hagel

Photo Of The Day, Hagel Edition
July 22, 2008

That's Jack Reed behind Obama on the left and Chuck Hagel on the right at a presser in Amman. Now, congressional delegations overseas (otherwise known as CODELs) often, if not usually, feature pols from both sides of the aisle. Still, to see Hagel posed right behind Obama like that, as his left-hand man, is striking. The two elder senators' orientation reminds me of those ubiquitous pictures of McCain flanked by Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman. Photo: Jae C. Hong/AP. --Eve Fairbanks

Broder: 'i'm Not Even Trying Anymore'
August 27, 2007

What was striking about David Broder's valentine to a third-party ticket of Michael Bloomberg and Chuck Hagel yesterday wasn't its sloppy equivalence between the parties, utter lack of any kind of policy rationale, or childish belief that a Bloomberg-Hagel run might really be in the offing. (Can't wait until we "find out.") No, what was striking was the extent to which he basically admitted that he knew his whole thesis was a joke: Bloomberg is, on the face of it, an implausible alternative.

Look Back in Anger
June 04, 2007

What distinguishes the politician from the political agitator is a lively concern for his own job security. Politicians sometimes say what they believe, but they don't usually say things that might jeopardize their political future. Until recently, Chuck Hagel was a consummate politician, and a successful one at that. He defeated a popular sitting governor in his first Senate race in 1996 and won reelection, in 2002, with 83 percent of the vote.

June 04, 2007

John Judis's excellent Chuck Hagel profile has a fascinating irony at the senator's expense. One of Hagel's biggest problems with the Bush administration is something the Nebraskan has said numerous times: "It's interesting to me that many of those who want to rush the country into war and think it would be so quick and easy don't know anything about war. They come at it from an intellectual perspective versus having sat in jungles or foxholes and watched their friends get their heads blown off.