Chuck Todd

Hillary As Martin Prince?
January 08, 2008

Chuck Todd on MSNBC just advanced one hypothesis for why Hillary seems to be doing so much better than expected. One theory: Obama was so far ahead in the recent tracking polls that many of his supporters assumed he'd win easily and didn't show up to vote.

Quote Of The Day Jan 3
January 03, 2008

NBC's Chuck Todd on a Huckabee Iowa loss:  Huckabee is like George Mason University in the NCAA tournament a couple of years ago; Huckabee is a great story until he loses, and then he disappears from the country's consciousness. For Huckabee, there's no Plan B ... well, other than securing a television talk show contract. Todd's piece is good one-stop shopping for media CW on how the caucus results will be spun.  --Michael Crowley