Climate Change

Rick Santorum Lectures the Pope on Weighing in on Climate Change
June 03, 2015

Santorum, who's not a scientist, never let that stop him from talking about climate science.

Lindsey Graham: A Republican That Environmentalists Can Love
June 01, 2015

The 2016 candidate argues that climate change is a national security issue.

Hillary Clinton is Finally Showing Her Hand on Climate Change
May 28, 2015

Clinton tries to win environmentalists and Iowa.

Limiting Global Warming to 2 Degrees Celsius Won’t Save Us
May 27, 2015

Our previous upper limit for planetary warming, 2°C, isn't safe. Where do we go from here?

Jeb Bush Needs More Evidence for Climate Change Action Than He Does to Start a War
May 22, 2015

The One Percent Doctrine is fine for foreign policy. But 97 percent isn't enough for climate change.

Divestment Won't Hurt Big Oil, and That's OK
May 20, 2015

Critics of divestment misunderstand it.

The 2016 Candidates Aren’t Talking About Climate Change Because Voters Don’t Care
May 13, 2015

But if Hillary brings it up and Republicans react with hostility, the climate might get some airtime.