Climate Change

The Catholic Church Is Not an Enemy of Science
June 12, 2015

Rick Santorum says Pope Francis should "leave science to the scientists." But the Catholic Church has long promoted harmony between faith and reason.

Senator James Inhofe on Climate Change: "God Is Still Up There"
June 11, 2015

The top Republican on the environment gave the keynote at a climate-denier conference in D.C.

A Sign that Canada's Climate Obstructionism May Be Coming to an End
June 08, 2015

Canada is usually an adversary on climate change.

Obama Is About to Run Out of Polluters to Regulate
June 05, 2015

It's all adding up to a comprehensive strategy.

Rick Perry Isn't Telling You the Real Reason Texas Cut Carbon Pollution
June 04, 2015

Why Rick Perry is an interesting one to watch on the environment.

Rick Santorum Lectures the Pope on Weighing in on Climate Change
June 03, 2015

Santorum, who's not a scientist, never let that stop him from talking about climate science.

Lindsey Graham: A Republican That Environmentalists Can Love
June 01, 2015

The 2016 candidate argues that climate change is a national security issue.

Hillary Clinton is Finally Showing Her Hand on Climate Change
May 28, 2015

Clinton tries to win environmentalists and Iowa.