TNR Film Classic: 'Masculine Feminine' (1966)
May 21, 2011

Masculine Feminine is that rare movie achievement: a work of grace and beauty in a contemporary setting. Godard has liberated his feeling for modem youth from the American gangster-movie framework which limited his expressiveness and his relevance to the non-movie centered world. He has taken up the strands of what was most original in his best films—the life of the uncomprehending heroine, the blank-eyed career-happy little opportunist-betrayer from Breathless, and the hully-gully, the dance of sexual isolation, from Band of Outsiders.

Is the CBC Uniquely Unethical?
August 03, 2010

Not so long ago, all eight of the members of Congress being investigated by the Office of Congressional Ethics were black. Now, two powerful black members of the Congressional Black Caucus are on the griddle. There are two entirely appropriate responses. One of them is to wonder if there is something racial going on. Yes, that is reasonable. Dismissals of this line of reasoning as mere “crying racism” are, in this case, hasty. Bloggers blithely listing white people who have fallen into the OCE’s line of sight as disproof of the racism charge are missing the point.

Lessons Learned From The Crisis
April 29, 2010

Jonah Goldberg argues that, even in the absence of regulation, we're a lot less vulnerable to another financial crisis because capitalists are good at learning lessons: By now you’ve probably heard lame duck Senator Christopher Dodd thunder from the Senate floor (or myriad other locations) that unless his bill is passed we are just as vulnerable as ever to what happened on Wall Street. “Nothing has happened” that can prevent the exact same crisis from happening again. Except that’s not quite true. Something happened: The crisis itself. Think of it this way.

Tucker Carlson's Theory of Obama
December 03, 2009

This afternoon, for no particular reason, I swung by a conference in downtown DC at which an association of conservative state legislators was presenting its annual journalism award to Tucker Carlson. Carlson, in turn, had a few thoughts on current events, including a theory for why Obama--as he claimed--has so drastically overreached in his domestic agenda. Obama's problem is not that he's not smart, it's not that he's some kind of crazy Marxist. His problem is that he's never failed, actually. That's his problem.

The Monster of Darfur
December 03, 2009

In late February 2004, Janjaweed militias and Sudanese government forces waged a three-day, coordinated assault on Tawila, a village in northern Darfur. Government aircrafts destroyed buildings, while the Janjaweed broke into a girls’ boarding school, forced the students to strip naked at gunpoint, and then gang-raped and abducted many of them. Video footage shows fly-covered corpses strewn among the village's smoldering ruins.

Right Said Fed
September 25, 2009

Of all the exhibits at the Congressional Black Caucus’s annual conference, which started Wednesday and will run into the weekend, the one I least expected was tucked in the back corner, behind rows of booths hawking Coca Cola and wood carvings, silk suits and ornate hats, and a cornucopia of Obama kitsch. The booth promoted the Federal Reserve. When I first saw it, I thought it might be a part of Ben Bernanke’s recent charm offensive, an effort to demystify the central bank and ease fears about its reach into the financial markets over the past year.

Getting to the End
May 21, 2007

The Road By Cormac McCarthy (Alfred A. Knopf, 241 pp., $24) IN ADDITION to the 9/11 novel, and the 9/11 novel that is pretending not to be a 9/11 novel, an old genre has been re-awakened by new fears: the post-apocalyptic novel (which may well be, in fact, the 9/11 novel pretending not to be one). The possibility that familiar, habitual existence might be so disrupted within the next hundred years that crops will fail, warm places will turn into deserts, and species will become extinct—that areas of the earth may become uninhabitable—holds and horrifies the contemporary imagination.

Fast Food For Thought
September 26, 2006

For a bit of comic relief from the nightmare that is Iran, here, through MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), is a Tehran TV news channel's report about Coca Cola, McDonald's, other evildoers, Zionist capitalism, and Israel. Watch it or read it. This is not a spoof. It's for real.

July 12, 1999

MAIS MERCI DIEU, THE BEER IS OK. The Belgian government fell this month when dioxin contamination forced meat, poultry, and dairy products from grocers' shelves. It seems that Belgian officials had kept silent for a month after learning that waste motor oil containing dioxin had been mixed with animal feed. Soon, Belgian food had been banned throughout Europe, while Coca-Cola was dealing with its own mini-scandal over a tummy-ache outbreak caused by careless Belgian bottlers.

Welcome to the Olympic Village
July 15, 1996

Matthew Cooper talks about race and the Atlanta Olympics