Everything Is Going According to Plan for Ted Cruz
March 24, 2015

A dispatch from the Texas senator's speech at Liberty University.

Don't Blame Students for Being Hypersensitive. Blame Colleges.
March 23, 2015

Colleges are selling the campus itself as a "safe space."

Why Women's Colleges Need to Embrace Trans Activists—and So Does Feminism
February 24, 2015

Feminists and trans activists are siblings in the same struggle.

Why Women's Colleges Still Matter in the Age of Trans Activism
February 16, 2015

Campus fights to erase references to women are indistinguishable from old-school misogyny.

The Marquette Professor Who Might Lose Tenure Isn't a Victim of P.C. Culture
February 16, 2015

He's a victim of his own breach of professional ethics.

Sorority Sisters Shouldn’t Be Banned From Fraternity Parties. They Should Boycott Them.
February 05, 2015

Their petition against being told to boycott frat parties proves sororities can agitate for change. 

Obama Left a Critical Group Out of His Free Education Plan
January 20, 2015

Obama's plan is laudable, but it could do more.

"It Was the Highlight of My Time at Duke as a Muslim"
January 19, 2015

How students responded to a national controversy over a Muslim prayer.