Company Labor Issues

No Good News For Autos, Absolutely None
October 26, 2008

Here are the headlines on page 20 of Friday's FT. "GM and Chrysler make deeper cuts" "Daimler, Fiat and Renault in stark warnings" "Ford considers selling part of Mazda stake to raise cash" "Chrysler lost nearly $490m in its core carmaking business" "Hyundai profits cut by strike and fall in global demand" "Groups act to prevent suppliers' collapse" This last headline means that no car maker lives alone.  If the auto business is in trouble, its suppliers are also in trouble, actually many in much deeper trouble than the firms they supply.  So VW, Porsche, Daimler are trying to help get financi

Fannie And Freddie Strike Back
September 22, 2008

From today's NYT: Incensed by the advertisements, several current and former executives of the companies came forward to discuss the role that Rick Davis, Mr. McCain’s campaign manager and longtime adviser, played in helping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac beat back regulatory challenges when he served as president of their advocacy group, the Homeownership Alliance, formed in the summer of 2000.

How To Respond To The Geezer Tax Revolt
July 21, 2008

Dana Goldstein over at TAPPED links to this op-ed in the Arizona Republic, which describes how retirement communities in Arizona (like the famous Sun City) are trying to opt out of their end of the "intergenerational compact" by de-funding schools, parks, and other public services used by families with young children.

Climb Aboard The Bush Bus!
June 25, 2008

Walking past the AFL-CIO building on the way to work yesterday, I couldn't help but notice a gaggle of union-supporters and other passers-by crowded around a massive tour bus plastered with pictures of President Bush. Organized by Americans United for Change (AUC), the "Bush Legacy Bus" turned out to be an enormous bio-fuel-powered mobile museum set to tour the country for the next several months and showcase an exhibit on the missteps and abuses of the Bush administration.

Crossing The Line
November 07, 2007

I had been pretty supportive of the Writers Guild of America strike. Then I read this: According to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, there's a chance that Lost may not return to the airwaves until the fall of 2008 — or even worse, February 2009! — should the WGA strike should continue into the new year. Residuals, shmresiduals. Who do these arrogant scribblers think they are?  --Christopher Orr  [photo: ABC] 

On The Looming Hollywood Writers' Strike
November 02, 2007

“I’m really scared,” the NY Times reports Oren Ashkenazi of TVC Television and Cinema Wardrobe Cleaners saying about the imminent Hollywood writers’ strike.

Where's The Middle Class?
September 26, 2007

Is America still a middle class society? The question must be occurring to many people on hearing the news of a settlement -- and a very fast settlement, at that -- to the United Auto Workers' Strike against General Motors. Maybe it is good news. The workers have apparently secured a financially viable health care program. There won't be layoffs. This is what I got on the radio news on my way home from Logan Airport. OK, so far so good. But, as I understood the numbers, workers are going to take roughly 20% off their salaries in wage cuts. This keeps G.M. alive, or should.

The Devil's Advocate
September 24, 2007

The sleazy lobbyist who might save the world.

Credible Threat
January 19, 2004

Well before he officially launched his candidacy in mid-September, Wesley Clark was hailed as the Democrats' savior. Party strategists, convinced that the front-running Howard Dean would flame out against George W. Bush, saw in Clark not only a sensible political alternative but, just as important, an electable one.