Congressional Budget Office

Raise Our Taxes. Please.
April 15, 2015

A Tax Day reminder: The government needs more revenue.

Underspending, Not Debt, Is Holding the Country Back
What new CBO projections say about our economic future
January 26, 2015

Listen up, Republicans.

Obamacare Enrollment Is Going Exactly as CBO Predicted—Just in Time for Republicans to Break the Agency
December 23, 2014

Republicans want to overhaul CBO precisely because it's working.

Will Republicans Put a Hack in Charge of Washington's Last Impartial Institution?
November 17, 2014

Please, GOP, don't ruin the only functioning office on Capitol Hill.

The Obamacare Debate Was One of the Most Transparent in Recent Memory
November 12, 2014

And to say otherwise is to distort the truth.

The Truth About Food Stamps (Hint: They Work and Help Millions)
SNAP has halved the number of children living in extreme poverty.
July 29, 2014

A primer on one of the most successful anti-poverty programs we have—and why conservative plans to dismantle it make no sense.