Congressional Republicans

The GOP Is Right About Obama's Economic Speech
July 24, 2013

The Republican National Committee didn’t wait for President Obama to give his big address today before rendering a verdict on it. “Same Speech, Different Day.” And, for a change, they had it exactly right.

Turbulence Ahead
April 25, 2013

Flight delays are forcing Republicans to face the facts on sequestration.

Barney Frank's Fiscal Plan: Join the Senate, Soak the Near-Rich
January 07, 2013

Barney Frank doesn't want to leave Washington just yet, after all. Driving back to Massachusetts, he explained why.

The Tax Deal: Who Won?
December 07, 2010

Supposedly Zhou Enlai was asked about whether the French revolution succeeded, and he replied, "It's too soon to tell." That's my view of the tax deal between President Obama and Congressional Republicans. (Read here for an explanation of how exactly Obama got the deal.) The most important policy question at stake is the future of the upper-income Bush tax cuts. If Obama had made absolutely clear that August that he would not extend them under any circumstances, then Democrats could have forced Republicans to stand against the popular tax cuts for families earning less than $250,000 a year.