The GOP Isn't Listening to "Reform Conservatives." It's Just Using Them.
May 23, 2014

Republican leaders think of conservative reformers as helpful messaging agents at key political moments, rather than as movement torchbearers.

By Sheer Coincidence, Conservative Martyrs Keep Turning Out to Be Huge Racists
April 24, 2014

Cliven Bundy argues that slavery, not segregation, was truly the golden age for "the negroes."

George Will, Tea Party Tory
February 11, 2014

America's most famous bow-tied conservative has found his wild side. 

There's One Big Difference Between GMO Skepticism and Climate-Change Denial
January 06, 2014

In The New York Times on Sunday, Amy Harmon has a long, fascinating, and superbly researched piece about the fight over genetically engineered crops in Hawaii.

"Corporatism" is the Latest Hysterical Right-Wing Accusation
December 15, 2013

When conservatives accuse Obama of coddling big business, check your wallet

Megyn Kelly's New Fox Show is Surprisingly Boring
October 08, 2013

Monday marked the first night of Megyn Kelly's Fox News Channel program, "The Kelly File," which aired at 9 p.m. in Sean Hannity's old slot.

Jay Leno, Right-Wing Hack
October 04, 2013

The government shutdown is obviously a ripe target for comedians, but who knew that Jay Leno would use the opportunity to make a bunch of jokes that were both unfunny and imbued with right-wing populism?

Margaret Thatcher's Unintended Legacies
August 23, 2013

She wanted a return to a conservative, middle-class England. The country she created is anything but.

A Kind Word about Neo-Conservatism
August 02, 2013

Naturalists like to argue about taxonomy. Does the Australian bird-eating spider belong to the genus Phlogius or Selenocosmia?