Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Have Switched Places
Everyone expected the Ivy League guy to suck up and Aqua Buddha guy to stick out. They were wrong.
March 16, 2014

Washington expected the Ivy League guy to suck up and Aqua Buddha guy to stick out. They were wrong. 

Six Photos That Prove Obama Is Conservative
January 10, 2014

According to Time magazine's political-personality quiz, anyway.

Tom Corbett Went From Establishment Republican to Tea Party Ally. Bad Move.
Explaining Pennsylvania's unpopular governor
November 28, 2013

Sorry, Tom Corbett: Purple Pennsylvanians have little taste for truly conservative governance. 

You Can't Sabotage Obamacare and Then Whine About Its Glitches
October 01, 2013

For several years now, health care policy reporters have been diligently tracking the challenges that were emerging for the Obama administration as it set about implementing the Affordable Care Act.

The Right's Latest Scheme to Sabotage Obamacare
July 25, 2013

It was one thing when Obamcare critics started fighting attempts to educate people about the law's insurance options—warning sports leagues not to promote the new benefits, for example, or criticzing states undertaking outreach efforts of their own.

Anatomy of a Bogus Obamacare Argument
How an irresponsible Forbes writer distorted the debate
June 03, 2013

How an irresponsible Forbes writer distorted the debate.

This Is How to Convince Conservatives to Recycle
A new study reveals how to appeal to different political ideologies
May 14, 2013

A new study reveals how to appeal to different political ideologies.

Slippery Slope Arguments: Not Just for Conservatives Anymore
May 02, 2013

Are "slippery slope" arguments an example of the rhetoric of reaction? Maybe. But they're not especially conservative.

How the GOP Met Ron Paul More Than Halfway
December 20, 2011

In an invisible primary where it seems everyone other than Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum is fated to have his or her brief day in the sun, two new polls from Iowa show the indefatigable Ron Paul now leading the field among likely caucus-goers, with just two weeks left before actual voting occurs. The media, much to the consternation of fanatical Paulists, is already writing him off as another flash-in-the pan, his libertarianism too extreme to gain the support of moderate conservatives and too at odds with social conservatives to win over their vital support.

A Paul Ryan Campaign? Are Republicans Out of Their Minds?
August 18, 2011

The sub-headline in Stephen Hayes’ latest Weekly Standard post trumpeting the possible emergence of a Paul Ryan presidential campaign lists some big political names who are encouraging the idea: “Mitch Daniels, Jeb Bush, John Boehner, Jim Jordan, and Bill Bennett encourage Ryan to run for president.” Hayes missed a few more big names who might well be equally excited about a Ryan run: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.  Indeed, Democrats (especially those in Congress) have been plotting for months to make Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, and particularly its radical treatment